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Since its founding in 1998, Viticultural Management, Inc. (VMI) has been providing full-service management and cultural care to vineyard owners in the Central Coast region of California. Field workers, staff and management of VMI adhere to the following major principles:

  • We care for the vineyards in the best possible, responsible and professional way.
  • Our activities are focused on producing quality grapes at sustainable yields that meet the economic needs of our clients.
  • Our clients and their vineyards are our first priority. During critical times in the growing season there are no limitations in regards to working hours.
  • We do not claim to have answers to all technical questions and consult, and so we consult, when necessary, with other viticultural specialists and consultants.
  • We apply the newest proven technologies and have an open mind towards new ideas and innovations.
  • We believe in the benefits of integrated pest management and sustainable vineyard practices.
  • Continued education is an integral part of our work schedule
  • VMI adheres to a strict "at-cost" policy and strives to negotiate the best conditions on any purchases of materials or services be it for our clients or for VMI.
  • We demand high performance from our employees, subcontractors and custom operators but treat them respectfully and as valuable business partners.
  • Any job we perform shall be completed in the best quality possible within the given budget. Our vineyards, the equipment, tools and workplaces are kept clean and safe.
  • The business and vineyard operation of our clients is a confidential matter. No financial or technical data is discussed with unauthorized persons.


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