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Hans - R. MichelHans - R. Michel
President and Consultant (Economic Analysis)

Hans - R. Michel wields more than 30 years of experience in international farming and viticulture. Raised on a family farm in Switzerland, Hans quickly rose through the agricultural ranks, forging a diverse career from Zurich to Memphis to Paso Robles. Along the way, he acquired a wide range of skills in agricultural finance, planning, management and logistics. As president of Viticultural Management, Inc., Hans keeps a close eye on the small details that make a big difference for VMI clients. “We make every effort to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of your vineyard and your operations,” Hans says. “We also take pride in meeting your specific goals and needs.”



Carter CollinsCarter Collins

To say that viticulture runs in the blood of Carter Collins is an understatement. The son of a grape grower, Carter grew up on a vineyard that his family planted here in Paso Robles in 1997. After graduating from Mission College Prep in San Luis Obispo, Carter attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he earned his wine and viticulture degree with a concentration in viticulture. His college internship with Vina Robles would prove to be pivotal. “It took longer to get through school while I worked as an intern, especially during harvest,” Carter says. “But I was happy to have the hands-on, real world experience.” Today, Carter manages VMI vineyard operations, working closely with clients to maximize quality and efficiencies. “I love being out in the vineyard,” Carter says. “It’s a chance to experience something new every day.”




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